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Here at Creating Space, our mission is simple. We want to help you simplify and design your home to complete your look! Whether you are overwhelmed with the clutter of your home or need help staging your home so that it sells as quickly as possible, we are here to help YOU. We get it! You are busy. You have a million other things to do and you just cannot find the time in your schedule. That is why we are here to help you overcome the stress and anxiety that comes with decluttering & staging to simplify your home AND your life! 

We want to help you - wherever you need help the most. Whether it is something small like a craft closet clean out (the one that you continually avoid on your ongoing to-do list), home staging services to ensure your home sells quickly, or simply rearranging furniture to help you fall back in love with your home! 


While creating space in your home with our organization & decluttering services, we remove all of your unwanted items and distribute them to local donation centers or charitable organizations - so you don't have to! (And don't worry- the items that can't be donated will be recycled when possible!)

We are based in Williamsburg, VA! But also serving Yorktown, Newport News, Hampton, Gloucester, New Kent & beyond.

Our Services

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"In a life (and a house) full of chaos, Taylor and Beth not only helped me to declutter and organize one spot in my home, but they inspired me to continue it into other rooms. They are super easy to work with , as they are very calming and hold zero judgements of the "before". I will definitely be calling them again!"  

Crystal Orlowsky

"Taylor was so professional when she came to organize my bedroom! She turned my messy, unorganized space into my dream of simplicity. She helped me cut down on my wardrobe to only the items that I love, and helped me have a clutter free space to relax. After the project was finished, she took my remaining unwanted items to a local woman's shelter. I can't wait to work with Creating Space's experts again!"

Hillary Lapcevic

"I had such a great experience with Beth and Taylor! They helped me get my linen closet in order and organized the random things I had just thrown in there. They were great helping me purge some of the items I no longer use. It’s much easier to find what I need now. I would recommend them to anyone looking to organize, declutter and more!"

Karen Schneider

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For life changing tips that will instantly improve your space, contact us today!

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